DigitalHydraulic LLC exists to assist customers in reaching their objectives by providing technology that allows supreme efficiency and system flexibility. The Company seeks to become the company recognized for creating and introducing the technology that transformed not only the hydraulics industry, but hydraulics, itself, into the fastest and most efficient form of power transmission.

In a breakthrough insight in 2001, Elton Bishop invented the Digital Hydraulic Transformer (DHT). Using a unique and simple linear reciprocating mechanism, the DHT is a paradigm shift from conventional rotary hydraulic transformer designs to convert hydraulic power from one flow and pressure to another flow and pressure. Simply put, the DHT allows cyclic use and re-use of hydraulic, potential and kinetic energies in manner that approaches proverbial "perpetual energy".

As an example of the extreme efficiency the DHT allows, the retrofit of a prototype DHT into the hydraulic system of a forklift allowed over 70% reduction in the amount of prime mover energy required to complete standard workcycles. It is anticipated that, with further development, the DHT will allow energy savings of over 90%.

Advantages of implementing a DHT as final control element of a hydraulic servo drive results in advantages including:
  • Fewer parts
  • Higher overall efficiency
  • Improved utilization of energy
  • Use of load and brake energies
  • Fast response times
  • Simple modular system design
  • Decoupled actuators
  • Less cooling power required
  • Less energy consumption
  • Less pollution

The DHT is scalable from the smallest micro-hydraulic applications to the largest earthmoving and material handling applications. Since its founding, DigitalHydraulic LLC has filed multiple domestic and foreign patent applications, received one U.S. patent, and successfully built and tested several prototypes. DigitalHydraulic's business model is to develop the technology and manufacture product for certain applications, and to license the technology for use in other applications in exchange for future royalties.